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54344 52030 46607 38403 92600 battery for Trimble GPS Receiv
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Trimble
Model Number: 54344
Nominal Capacity: 2600mAh-3400mAh
Voltage: 7.4V
Type: Li-Ion
Brand: Trimble
  • Description

Product Features:

1. High Energy Density
2. High Voltage
3. Green Energy and Pollution-Free
4. Long Cycle Life
5. No Memory Effect
6. Minimal Self-Discharge
7. High Rate Charge/Discharge

Product application:

1. Solar Lamp/Light battery: Integrated/split type solar street light, solar garden/peach light, solar lawn/apple lamp

2. Smart home/Intelligent housing battery: Sweeper, vacuum cleaner, electric curtain, electric toothbrush, heating blanket/suit

3. Medical equipment battery: electronic thermometer, ecg monitoring instrument, B ultrasound machine

4. Electric tool battery: electric drill, electric screwdriver, electric wrench, electric lawn mower , electric sprayer, electric scissors

5. Electric vehicles battery: E-bike, electric wheelchair, electric toy car, model airplane, vehicles monitoring, vehicles entertainment system

6. Consumer lithium battery: POS machine, smart watches, microphone, learning machine, Christian reading machine, reading pen, recording pen, the old players, speakers, razors

7. Energy storage battery: electric vehicle tool car , industrial equipment, outdoor portable power supply, ground alarm, fault indicator, power system, UPS 8. Electric Cigarette battery: VAPE, 20700/20600/18350/26650/23600