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12V 30A 40A lithium battery pack 18650 li-ion cell or LiFePO larger power storage battery for solar stree
Model Number: DC1230A-12V30A
Weight: 2000g
Type: LiFePO
Nominal Voltage: 12V
Nominal Capacity: 30000mAh (30AH)
Input Voltage: 12.8V
Output Voltage: 12V
Continuous Operating Current: 0~10A
Maximum Instantaneous Current: 15A
  • Description

12V large capacity lithium battery

Large capacity, no virtual standard, ABS shell, LED display, A+ battery, multiple security protection

Eight environmental safety tests

The battery has passed strict testing standards to ensure product quality is safe and reliable.
(simulated high altitude low voltage test, extrusion/needle test, heavy impact test, short circuit test, thermal shock test, free fall test, forced discharge test, overcharge/over discharge test)

Eightfold safety protection

Built-in battery management system, multiple upgrades, smart protection battery pack
(overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, over power protection, over protection, temperature protection)

Wide range of applications

All 12V appliances, washing equipment, xenon lamps, instead of 12 volt batteries, instrumentation, amplifiers, monitoring, electrical, various 12V lamps.

Product Features:

1. High Energy Density
2. High Voltage
3. Green Energy and Pollution-Free
4. Long Cycle Life
5. No Memory Effect
6. Minimal Self-Discharge
7. High Rate Charge/Discharge

Product application:

1. Solar Lamp/Light battery: Integrated/split type solar street light, solar garden/peach light, solar lawn/apple lamp

2. Smart home/Intelligent housing battery: Sweeper, vacuum cleaner, electric curtain, electric toothbrush, heating blanket/suit

3. Medical equipment battery: electronic thermometer, ecg monitoring instrument, B ultrasound machine

4. Electric tool battery: electric drill, electric screwdriver, electric wrench, electric lawn mower , electric sprayer, electric scissors

5. Electric vehicles battery: E-bike, electric wheelchair, electric toy car, model airplane, vehicles monitoring, vehicles entertainment system

6. Consumer lithium battery: POS machine, smart watches, microphone, learning machine, Christian reading machine, reading pen, recording pen, the old players, speakers, razors

7. Energy storage battery: electric vehicle tool car , industrial equipment, outdoor portable power supply, ground alarm, fault indicator, power system, UPS 8. Electric Cigarette battery: VAPE, 20700/20600/18350/26650/23600